Mandel Brots!

The MANDLEBROT set is named after Benoit Mandlebrot(french mathematician) is a fractal. The Mandlebrt is composed of such complex factors which are similar yet different in their very own way. It goes deeper and deeper and generates all different images.The mandlebrot set is infinitely complex .
I am not so clear with the complexity of the set yet it proved to be very interesting to be used on textiles .
Below are some examples of the images that I got from these complex fractals,which proed to be a source of inspiration as well as a useful application on my fabrics.

Since my Masters project was based on Indo western Fusion , I realised that these structures would help in embellishing the fabrics. I used these Mandlebrots to enhance and decorate the fabrics.

There is much more that can be done with these Mandle Brots.I am soon going to put some more interesting stuffs done with Mandlebrots.

Please comment your ideas and suggestions and also how you find my works.

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